Since peope are still confused about the battle in the last episode of AnR, let me clarify things once again.

Why did Tokaku try to kill Haru?

Because she wanted proof that she was not under the Queen Bee’s influence, the only way to prove this was to to against what the Queen Bee’s influence would do, which is protecting Haru’s life. If she could fully go out against Haru with an intent to kill, that means Haru had been honest with her. She couldn’t hold back because then it would prove nothing.

Which Tokaku is Nio?

The second Tokaku is Nio. Nio tells a lot of truth and technically spoils a lot of things early on throughout the various episodes. This is one of these cases, she reveals her own ability by pretending to be Tokaku talking about her ability. The Tokaku with the katana is the real one.

Why did Haru try to kill Tokaku?

Same reason as the first. Just like Tokaku needs proof that Haru was honest, Haru ‘will survive’. That is what she does, she promised she would survive and she would do anything to survive. Including defending herself against Tokaku.

Isn’t all of this kind of stupid?

Yeah. But have you been watching the same series as the rest of us? It’s stupid in perfectly working context with everything else. And that’s great. Remember that this was the series with a mechanical spider lady who survived a cluster of grenades and pink-headed ladies who can survive having their necks snapped.

I hope that cleared some things up.

god bless this post